The boys had a helluva time falling asleep last night

Both Elliott and Emmett had a helluva time sleeping last night, they did eventually fall asleep.  Lizze and I have decided to try a later bedtime of 9pm, in hopes of resolving  these bedtime struggles we’ve been having.  

Last night I think the problem was that we had a rather loud thunderstorm come through and the boys don’t like storms.  

By the time the boys actually fell asleep, it was close to midnight before Lizze and I could clock out for the night.  By clock out I mean simply being able to exhale from a really long day. 

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Neither one of us were able to just go to sleep.  We caught a couple episodes of Hell’s Kitchen before we retired for the night.  

We need some me time and it’s important that we have the time because we need to at least try and unwind at the end of the day, even if it means we chew into sleeping. I know of that seems counterintuitive but it’s just the way it is.  

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  1. Yes. My oldest son does echolalia. A lot. I call it “singing,” so my younger sons can understand. Well my oldest is up “singing” at 1am in the morning. My youngest son gets upset and starts copying what he”s doing. Of course this wakes up my middle son and he comes to the bedroom saying, “Is it breakfast time?” Because of course if everyone is up, it must be time for breakfast right?

    Sometimes at night, even though I know I should go to sleep, after getting their stuff ready for the next day, dinner dishes etc..I want to watch some Netflix. I just want some me time. Not using visuals, or making everything a teaching moment, or preventing self-injurious behavior. Just to sit and relax. When I do, I’m so sleepy in the morning and am less patient, so I rarely watch tv late at night.

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