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Lizze has been really sick today, in the form of tummy problems and greater than usual amounts of pain.  She just woke up from a nap and hopefully will be doing better.

We are having to keep a close eye on Gavin’s interactions with the boys. 


He’s being very, very manipulative and we have to quash that as it happens.  Gavin doesn’t understand that the people in your life aren’t there to be manipulated into doing what he wants. 

Unfortunately, our attempts thus far have been mostly futile.

Our goal is to help Gavin to acclimate to a very basic set of guidelines that will help him to function within society. We want the very best for him and the concern is that if these behaviors continue, he’s heading for a very troubled future, one that most likely involves the legal system.

For the most part, he’s had a pretty good day.  Hopefully, the rest of the day will hold true.

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