Way to go Gavin!!! -

Way to go Gavin!!!

I’m really proud of Gavin because not only did he have a great day, he’s also been drawing in his sketchbook again. 

He spent some time today drawing.  It’s been awhile since he’s done that. 

This is a really positive thing for him.  Not only is he pretty talented, he really enjoys doing this.  During his recent psychotic break, he was so wrapped up in his visibly challenged friends that he let go of many of the things that kept him grounded in reality.

Drawing was one of those things and writing is another. 

Lizze and I really encourage him to embrace and build upon these talents because perhaps, it’s something he can support himself with in the future. 
Fantastic job Gavin.  🙂



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great drawing, Gavin!


great drawing, Gavin!


I had a friend growing up who struggled with schizo-effective disorder. Nothing was more therapeutic for him than learning to properly apply his imagination. This provides a major stress outlet and socially acceptable coping mechanism for stressors.

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