US study finds autism linked to induced labor -

US study finds autism linked to induced labor

US study finds autism linked to induced labor (via AFP)

A US study out this week has found that pregnant women who take drugs to speed up their labor may have a higher risk of bearing children with autism. The study in JAMA Pediatrics is the largest of its kind on the matter, but stops short of stating that…

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we have two in ours, and my husband has 3 cousins with autism


What I found most interesting is that this is the first study that seems to indicate that it’s not necessarily external factors. It didn’t seem to me that they are linking autism to the induction as the cause – what I gleaned was that they are moving in the direction of proving that autism happens either in-utero or shortly after. When our son was diagnosed, we tried to figure out every avenue in which we could have gone wrong. Of course, we wore ourselves out with guilt and now we try to focus on giving him the best possible reality we can; but truthfully, my son falls into the low birth weight/induced labor category. Does this make me feel better? No. But it certainly is curious to follow, if nothing else.


My sister and I got into an argument about autism a few weeks ago. She claims she has never heard of, and cannot conceive of, any genetic link, and she knows lots about it. If she has never even heard of possible genetic linkage, I wonder just how she can know so much about autism. I brought you into my argument, Rob, arguing that three autistic kids in one family indicated a strong genetic link.


jjean3940 All kids with autism do breathe.  Hmmmm


agreed- but at least this time I can say- I didn’t do THAT one!  so many of the autism “correlations” have to do with prenatal care and complications that it can make a mommy feel like she did something wrong, you know?  They can make anything correlate- I bet if they look long and hard enough they will find a correlation between breathing and autism


jjean3940 I just find it interesting that there are so many studies claiming to show links to this, that and the other thing.  If you look at something g long enough, your bound to find a connection.


welp, I’m here to discount that one- not really, but honestly, both of my sons have autism and both of my labors were completely drug free- not even an epidural with the second.

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