Sometimes it’s a matter of survival

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Elliott is quite insistent that he doesn’t want to visit his new classroom. I’m kinda torn on how to handle this because I think he really needs to take this step.

If we push him to go, it may very well ruin everyone’s day. I’m not looking to push him over the edge either.

I’m not sure what we are going to.

Sometimes it comes down to a matter of survival and not pushing anyone to the point of freak out. :-\


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Wendy Fonseca

Ya basically you got to pick your battles.

Wendy Fonseca

Ya basically you got to pick your battles.


Ive always taken my girls to see there teachers. Its been key to thrm handlin g first daye of school. Make a game of it. Your not going to school..your goi g o an adventure …to fi d thr elusive but well saught after..”teacher”…be silly with it…ki dergarteners respond to silly on all elevels. My. I e year old had tons of anxiety about this scho year so we hqd to do alot of pretenx to get past jt…and a bus load of redirection. Your i. Our thoughts..but you can do it..hamg i. There.


Make a deal with him. He doesn’t have to go to his new classroom but he at least has to go to the open house. Once he gets there he may feel differently once he gets around some school friends and go on to see his new class.