Orientation went great

Orientation went great

I wanted to let you all know how orientation at the boys school went.  First of all, Elliott ended up not going. Instead he spent some time with Grandma Gorski.

The rest of us went and met the boys new teachers and visited the classrooms. 

Everyone is really excited and I feel like this is going to be an exceptionally positive year for everyone.  I think that Elliott will do just fine and perhaps we will make another trip out before school starts next month.


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reonyea he does have generalized anxiety disorder, w/ADHD. He’s not into the social stories.  He sorta just needs to go and get the first day under his belt. Thanks


What exactly is Elliott afraid of with going to view his new classroom? (Don’t worry if you can’t answer this, it’s called *generalised* anxiety disorder for a reason – I once had a panic attack because I was scared of serving up casserole!) I know you’ve tried social stories and not had much success, does this extend to Elliott’s anxiety?

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