What are the most pressing issues facing the #Autism Community… In your opinion

I want to know what you feel are the most pressing issues within the Autism Community today.  Your opinion is extremely important and I would love to help the world hear your voice….


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Getting people to accept that autism is real because there are people that don’t believe that autism is real. Also more cop and fire departments need to have training on how to deal with people on the spectrum


I think one of the most important issues – to me at least – is the question of what do we do with some of these kids when they grow up.   It is one thing to see a cute little tyke having a meltdown in the store or restaurant and have compassion for the parents.   It is another thing entirely when the person melting down weighs 250 pounds, is hairy and huge.   To the public, it is the difference between being perhaps annoyed with the little kid/parents and being  justifiably frightened of a full grown man out of control.
I worry about my nephew, because he is growing into the huge hairy one.   I worry about him being shot or shocked.   I worry about him being driven out of neighborhoods.    He has no insight into his behaviors and does not know what “personal space” means.    Is the only option putting him in an institution?  Yet he enjoys many of the activities the rest of us do.   But when he goes into a meltdown, he could easily kill someone without meaning to.

Stephanie Lapointe Rodger

Acceptance and knowledge!

Angela McDonough

Life skills training for HFA young adults and adolescents so that they can live independent lives

Michele Sterling

Two things:
1. What are we going to do when all these kids become adults?
And 2. Probably not a “pressing issue”, but should be: more funding for research into not necessarily “cause” but into the “what” autism actually is…knowing “what” it is will only lead to more effective methods of treatments. We are treating it now through theory and speculation…