Someone keyed our van :-(

So the boys are spending the night at my parents house to tonight.  It’s sort of a say goodbye to summer kinda thing. 

When we dropped the boys off, the plan was to remove our bad tire and swap it out for the spare. 

We did that.

However, while we had the van up in the jack, I noticed that someone had keyed the rear passenger side door.  They’re deep enough that they won’t buff out but I couldn’t get a decent picture for sending reason. 

This was clearly done on purpose because it looks like someone scribbled on the door with a car key. 

What’s wrong with people.  Whatever happened to respecting other people’s personal property? I would never do that to someone else and I don’t understand why someone would do that to us.

Some people just don’t care and that’s really sad. 

To be honest, where we live, I’m grateful it hasn’t been any worse. I suppose that’s the silver lining. 


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Kari Glaser Margo

I know how frustrating that is. We too live in Canton & the neighborhood is so so. Our van has been keyed down both sides & spray painted down the one side. People just don’t care. But what if that were their vehicle?


Ugh, I don’t get people sometimes! My car, my babied sporty car, is in the body shop right now because someone hit it and LEFT. No note, nothing. I have insurance, but still…there’s a deductible and who wants rates going up because someone else is a loser? This happened in a very wide, open place and could have been avoided..someone was just being dumb and we’re paying for it. Anyway, I feel your pain. 🙁


Lost_and_Tired 🙁


So sorry to hear. Some people are so disrespectful!


If it happen while it was at your house I hate to jump to suspicion but I am wondering if it was that dude with that one dog that you posted sometime back