Autonomic Crisis: MRI Complete (8/29/2013)

We just got back from Gavin’s MRI.  He did fantastic and I’m so proud of him. For MRI took about an hour and he broke down sobbing towards the very end and we had to pull him out for a break before doing one final scan.

The staff said he did really, really well. 

Now we have to wait for the results to come in. Dr. Moodley was contacted and Gavin appears to autonomically stable and so he can most likely be released to go home.

They are suspecting that the vision disruptions may have been caused by an Ocular Migraine.

We have to see his neurologist at Akron Children’s Hospital before seeing Dr. Moodley in September. Gavin’s in good spirits but is still making me nervous. 
He’s still soaking the bed and his clothes with sweat and on the way to the MRI, his speech was slurred.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a great deal to be done as this is a problem with his brain and one that cannot be fixed.


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Poor sweetie, MRI’s are scary enough for grownups, never mind a developmentally-delayed kid 🙁