Please pray for Gavin. Rushing to the Emergency Room

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Please keep Gavin in to your thoughts your thoughts, we’re rushing him to the ER at Akron Children’s Hospital.

I’ll explain more when I can.


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MJasonHouck Lost_and_Tired Prayers for him hope we all pray for him


MJasonHouck Lost_and_Tired My Prayers are with you.


fibromamaby3 Lost_and_Tired Sure hope he’s going to be ok. Thinking of you guys!

Tami Mock


Shannon Greene Johnson

Thinking of you all and send prayers


min_svart_ros Lost_and_Tired Praying now. God be with you all.

Gwen Curriden

prayers coming your way for Gavin

Dawn Williams Collums

Good luck!!!

Jessica Kitney

hope he is well……my thoughs and prayers are with your family and with Gavin in this time of need.


Prayers up Rob.  Hugz for all of you.

Jeanna Jackson White

your family is always in my prayers, special prayers today for Gavin!


Lost_and_Tired You got it!Dear Lord heal Gavin of this affliction Amen!

Rebecca Bishop Curriden

Hope all is well. Thoughts and prayers with you all

Beth Temple


Devin Smith

Prayers! I hope everything turns out ok


Sending my thoughts and prayers!