Explaining to my kids with #Autism about winning and losing

Explaining to my kids with #Autism about winning and losing

Something I’m trying to teach my kids is that not only do you have to be a good winner but also a good loser.

Elliott is the opposite of Gavin.

Gavin is 13 on the outside but 4 on the inside.  Elliott is 7 in the outside and much older on the inside. While Elliott and Gavin were playing corn hole, Gavin was getting really excited.  This made Elliott feel like he was rubbing it in his face.

Elliott got really discouraged and his feelings were  hurt.

I explained that Gavin most likely wasn’t trying to be mean, he was just excited that he was doing so well.

I had to try and explain that while Gavin is 13 on the outside, he only 4 on the inside.  That was a very interesting conversation but Elliott understood.

Gavin was pulled into the conversation and I explained why Elliott was upset and Gavin apologized. I told him that we all have to learn to be good winners by not bragging too much and making the losing team feel bad. We also have to be good loser as well by congratulating the winners and not being too upset. 

I have no idea how much actually stuck, at least with Gavin.

These conversations give me a headache anymore.  🙁


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Lost_and_Tired my explanations of winning and losing have still not stuck with Aiden #sometimesifeellikeiamlosingmymind #autism

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