I’m no longer a “Real Husband of Autism”

I’m no longer a “Real Husband of Autism”

This will be short and sweet but I feel the need to address this.  I get added to Facebook groups all the time.  I’m apparently an admin for many of these pages and I’ve never actually visited them. 

I was recently added to a page called Real Husbands of Autism and listed as an admin. I was asked first and gladly accepted.

This was fine at first because I know most of these guys and they’re all awesome.  However, there were some very distasteful things being posted and all of our names were attached.  A great many people were offended and rightfully so. 


I only learned today what had happened as I haven’t spent much time over there. 

With that said, I have removed myself from this Page and unliked it.  Many of my fellow Autism Dad’s have done the same. 

While I didn’t have anything to do with this and honestly didn’t even see the offending post before my my fellow Autism Dad’s removed it, I want to apologize too anyone that did read it and was offended.  I was as well. 

Please keep in mind that only one person was responsible for that particular post, so please don’t hold everyone accountable.  As soon as it was discovered, most of the Dad’s responded and immediately removed it. 

I don’t agree with or support this type of thing and I want you all to know that I’m out.  I’ve unliked the page and removed myself from it. 

My apologies to anyone that was offended.

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She actually was privy to the whole thing….


DKS3 This is a dead issue for me.  I harbor no ill feelings but I will say that you are only privy to what was made public.  There’s always more to the story.  🙂


He apologized.  Also being that he is a father that not only has a child who is on the spectrum but is Also on the spectrum himself he made a mistake.  Maliciousness was NOT his intent.  This is just to show you that our children grow up to become adults who misinterperet and make mistakes die to concrete thinking and social skill issues.  I think his apology was heart felt and think it was premature and hasty for people, especially admins to make a mass exoudos without understanding discussing and just carrying on.  I hope no one grows up to treat my children with such close mindedness when they make mistakes as adults on the Spectrum

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