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After very long morning, we’ve finally made it home. Gavin had his appointment with Dr.  Moodley and while we have good news to share, I’m uncomfortable with it.

Gavin had a neuro exam today and Dr. Moodley says that if we didn’t know he had Autonomic Dysfunction, He’d say that Gavin was perfectly normal. He said that we know he’s not but that’s just how well he’s doing at the moment. 

Why does this make me uncomfortable? Shouldn’t this be good news?

Yes this is good news and yes it also makes me uncomfortable. The reason it makes me uncomfortable is because all of a sudden, everything is fine now. Why is it fine now, what’s changed? Is this the calm before the storm? Is this a sign that he’s getting better or is he actually getting worse?

Everything changed after last week’s Autonomic Crisis that saw Gavin admitted to Akron Children’s Hospital. The crisis was unlike any of the previous ones and it seemed to cause a shift towards what we are currently seeing. 

This is new ground for us, so I don’t know what to expect and that makes me nervous.

Aside from that, we were told again to get an appointment with John’s Hopkins Autonomic Clinic for a second opinion.  Dr.  Moodley is hoping that they can provide more insight into what’s going on with Gavin. Their Autonomic Clinic has been around for a very, very long time.

That’s basically where we stand. 

Gavin’s currently in a period of stability. We don’t know how long it will last but we’ll take it. 

The only problem we ran into was Lizze having a full blown panic attack on the way home from Cleveland today. She’s not doing very well right now and I’m not sure what triggered this but it was a big one.



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MikeNYvetteKennedy thanks Vet. For the record, I told Lizze that was the problem..  😛 
Gavin is getting sooooo big. Thanks again Vet and I say screw TWC, let’em have it.


First of all, I am so glad you got some good news for a change, but I’m right with you on the skeptical part…Gavin is anything but typical we all know this, so what’s to come…However, take solace in the fact that as of right now he is doing fine…I guess this is where they get the saying “live for the moment” LOL  Just take one day at a time and see where it goes 🙂  Second, I love my sister and I miss my sister and tell her she probably had a panic attack b/c she didn’t know when the next time she would see me was 😉  Give her hugs and kisses (but don’t hug her too hard) from me <3  Third, Gavin looks so long in that picture!  Although I don’t like seeing him on any kind of hospital bed, I do like the fact that he is growing up :-)….except it makes me feel old.  You guys take care Rob and know that I am here and you guys are always in my heart, as well as my mind, and even though I can’t always be there physically I am always there spiritually and I truly do love you guys and miss you all like crazy!!