Why must every single thing be a challenge? -

Why must every single thing be a challenge?

So I got Gavin safely home and immediately left to get Emmett and Elliott from school, so I could drop Emmett off at home and take Elliott to occupational therapy.

It was supposed to be a simple process but it turned into any but…….

When I got to the school, Elliott (who I thought would be excited to go to OT) was refusing to leave.  I get Elliott into the car and Emmett freaks out because he want to go to occupational therapy as well and simply won’t go home. 

I had told the boys that Grandma might be picking them up from school and taking  Elliott to school and Emmett home.  They were both upset because I was picking them up and not Grandma.  :-\
I had to pick my battles and just decided to take Emmett with us because both boys are in need of a haircut anyways and I figured I would do that after. 

Because our plans changed, we actually got there early and the boys were fighting over the desired temperature inside the car.  Emmett wanted the heat on and it was 96°F already today.  After I banged my head on the steering wheel a few times, I took the boys inside and got Elliott signed in. 

We had one more little meltdown from Emmett before Elliott went back but other than that, we all survived. 

Now I’m just speaking with Gavin’s case manager on the phone and finishing an assessment for him while Emmett draws on the chalkboard and Elliott is doing OT. 

Super tired at this point.



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Catrina Taylor

<3 I wish any of us had the answer to that question.

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