Not a good morning

Coming off the shock of another possible CPS investigation, neither Lizze or I slept well last night. 

This morning, Emmett proved to be a huge handful.  So much so in fact, we knew that there was likely something else going on. 

It all began because he wasn’t tolerating the uniform shirts.  To be more specific, he isn’t tolerating the three buttons at the top of the polo shirt. He absolutely refused to put the shirt on today.  He was so upset that he was dry heaving

We were confused because he’s been fine up until now. 

I had to get the other boys to school and so we looked at one last thing before I left and sure enough, we discovered a problem. 

He has another sore on his tongue, about the size of a dime.  It’s on the very back of his tongue  and looks to be quite painful. 

This stupid fever disorder has become so unpredictable anymore that we simply never know when this is going to happen.  It used to be like clockwork and we could almost pencil them into the calendar.  Now they are sporadic and without a predictable pattern. 

We called the school and explained.  They were super cool about it and wished him well.

I fear that we made need to have a 504 added to his IEP.


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Dearest_Nikky upliftingfam nursesparky thanks everyone.  Basically, a 504 is sorta like a medical IEP.  As far as homeschooling supplements go, I don’t know.  This is the first time he’s missed, although it’s only the second week.  
We can get tutoring through the school.


Have you considered finding a homeschool program to help supplement the time he is missing at school?  Just a thought so that he doesn’t get behind.


You shouldn’t need a 504 and an IEP. Since this isn’t a temporary situation for him you should be able to have an IEP addendum and have it added as relevent health information for accomodations.


What is a 504?