I feel my sanity slowly slipping away

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In stark contrast to yesterday‘s start to the day, today has been a disaster. Elliott is all over the place right now.  Emmett‘s screaming and crying and Lizze can barely move.

I feel my sanity slowly slipping away…….

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  • GildaMSanchez says:

    You can overcome it Rob… sending you STRENGTH AND COURAGE…. 🙂

  • wyrdpookaone says:

    hugs and have a poptart, really poptarts do help. some say chocolate put I go with poptarts, I can dip them in melted chocolate.   I can not be there with you nor suffer your burden but here in a quiet corner I dream a small space where the rain makes music on the window as we dip or poptarts in cocoa I ask you “wouldnt it be grand just grand to be there when Donald Trump  gets to the Pearly Gates?  I don’t care if he gets sent to the tropics or not,, it’s just I tell ya, This I gotta hear.”

  • dotdash says:

    Hang in there, you can manage.  You’ve have tough days before, and you are a rock.   You can do it.