Should people who file false claims to Child Protective Services be held accountable?

As a victim of two spite calls so far this year, I’m left with a new perspective as well as with one burning question. Should the people that are making these ridiculous accusations, be held accountable for their actions?

I’m sure there will be two schools of thought on this.


The first one will likely come from those who have never been the victim of a spite call.  The truth is, this argument makes a great deal of sense as well.  If we hold people accountable or require these people to identify themselves with each complaint they make, we will likely discourage people from reporting things in general.

How many kids would pay a price then?

On the other hand, once you have been a victim of a spite call, your perspective may change.  While there is merit to what the first group is saying, when you are attacked in this manner, there is a desire for justice.

I find myself understanding both sides but having more in common with those wanting justice. 

Wanting justice is not the same thing as wanting revenge.

Having Child Protective Services show up at your door and demand access to not only your life but the lives of your kids as well, is a violation. It’s also made worse when you know the call to CPS was made out of spite.

The first time we were investigated it only lasted a couple of months but it was unbelievably stressful and had a profound impact on my entire family.  Most of these claims see to be ridiculous in nature and easily disproven.  However, easily disproven doesn’t mean you don’t have to go through the process.

The other thing is that CPS workers have a tremendous amount of power and not all of them are pleasant.

We were very luck to have a really nice worker that knew the complaint was bogus. We were treated with respect and they saw to it that the boys were not thrust into the middle.  For that, we are very grateful. 

However, this experience left us traumatized because we had to open our lives up in ways that we wouldn’t have otherwise and all because someone makes a complaint with either the intent to cause harm or because they don’t understand.

The bottom line is that when someone files a false complaint, it can destroy a family and for absolutely no reason. 

I don’t know how this could be done but I really feel that there should be laws protecting people from complaints of this nature.  The problem is that I don’t know if this is even possible. 

Is it better to have 100 false allegations and stumble across a child in actual need of help? Where do we draw the line and should parents have recourse after being falsely accused?

I would love to get your thoughts on this.  I’m interested in hearing both sides. 

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A special petition is developed in order to help the families whose children have been taken away due to falsified accusation by the SPC (Child Protective Services) employees. As more and more families become victims of false accusations against them, we believe that such a petition is necessary in order bring justice in the country. In order to have working material, social service employees need more children to show the government that they need money. Following that goal, they falsify the accusations and take children from normal families. This may happen to any family. The petition will require the corrections in the law so that families and their children can be protected from the crime committed by social service employees.


My personal opinion? You need to talk to a legal aid attorney. If the fuckwits want to waste CPS time and resources, along with harass you and your family, then fire back.
Just my $.02, and YMMV.

Gwen Curriden

Yes if it can be proven that the person knowingly filed a false claim especially if it was to cause someone else trouble.

Carrollynn Henshaw

No. CPS workers who fail to dismiss a complaint when appropriate should be held accountable. Just as they should be held accountable when they fail to properly investigate a valid claim. There is a rubric… It is not rocket science!

Cheryl Dennis

No, because it will place fear in people to not report things that they should. Call CPS on me, I have nothing to hide.

Amy Brunelle-Myers

Most definitely. If you would like some info on what my family went through feel free to message me.

Michele Sterling

I think in certain states, there is recourse against those whom make false claims. I just had to deal with several false reports made regarding a friend, by her estranged husband! ( HE is a species all his own…a bit more than just a little cray cray)…

Julie Kinsolving

Most definitely. IF that is what they are doing. However, how do we know if one is purposely filing a false complaint, is a bit daft or merely ignorant/think they are doing what is right? Such a fine line there, in my opinion.

Kerry Dean Perrier

This happened to us years ago. Yes, yes they should!

Sara L. Frank Walker

Yes, anyone who submits a false claim should be punished. They should be responsible to pay for the man hours that went into the investigation. CPS is a greatly understaffed and overburdened agency. Time spent investigating a false claim could mean a child or children that truly are in danger may not get the help they need, which could result in continued abuse or even death.


I gotta side with those who want justice.  Here’s why: because 85% of calls to the child abuse hotline turn out to be unfounded, false or do not rise to the level where an investigation is warranted.  Because of this, child abuse investigators become overwhelmed with frivolous cases and while they’re off chasing shadows children who are really abused fall through the cracks, while their file sits on some CPS Agent’s desk waiting.  Workers are overworked and have very high and unmanageable caseloads, so if you want to fix this mess, you need to improve the quality rather than the quantity of child abuse reports.


emilymonroe03 Meaghan1985 lkresack monkette thank you all very much for your support.  Some people have personal issues with me and they choose to use their time in judgmental and unproductive ways.  Thank you all for your continued support. 🙂


concernedmom you sound very much like someone I know.  You focus on the very same thing, every time you post a comment, just like that someone I know.  Is it possible we know each other? Is your name Kathy? I suspect it is.  Please move on with your life and leave me and my family alone.  
You  bring nothing of value to the discussion and you’re tunnel vision on Gavin being a victim and your perception that I’m begging for money is very revealing to me.  
Of course, you will deny this but we both know how you are.  
Before you jump on your other favorite thing to attack me on.  This has nothing to do with me being unable to take criticism. I respect everyone’s right to their own opinion, but in your case, you always focus on the same off topic things.  
I wish you the best in life because I know it’s not easy for you. I wish we could be friends but clearly that’s not possible.  Please refrain from using this commenting system as a means of attacking both myself and my wife.


concernedmom Bit of unsolicitied advice:
 If Rob and Lizze were actually like what you’re implying them to be, they’d care a lot about the traffic to this site, but even more, they’d care about comments. That’s how “attention trolls” (what I call people like that) work. Perhaps, if you think that the Gorski adults are attention trolls (and I don’t), you should lessen your visitation and not comment at all, *especially* if there’s a solicitation for comments.


As long as the system can distinguish between “mistaken but good-faith reporter” and “spite reporter”, I’d support/already support something.
The problem I have with it is that I have no trust in ANY system.


You might find that these “referrals” to the county might justify the contractor’s “funding” milestones.


Of course people who file false claims should be held accountable. Recently a social worker was jailed for years of false reporting and family destruction: 


I think, in some states anyway, people who make spite calls to CPS can get fined. But that’s not much of a punishment, and I can’t imagine that it happens to that many people.


Rob asked a question, and stated that he would like to hear BOTH SIDES. 
I am a mother of five and a grandmother of four. I have a 21 year old child with mental health issues.I have been the target of her rage for many years. I realize that I will take care of her for the rest of my life. However, you will NEVER see me put her on blast on the internet for others to see what she does. I respect her privacy. 
 I have a grandson who is also medically fragile. He has spent a fair portion of his little life in hospitals. We respect his privacy, and never ever post pictures of him when he is sick. We do not want people to think of him that way. 
 I have health problems of my own, but I have always worked to take care of my family. It is exhausting, but it’s my job. My life is less than perfect, believe me. 
 I was raised by a hypochondriac mother who was strung out on pain medication, and hardly ever got out of bed. She always had some illness that could not be tested for, like fibro or migraines. What it meant for me was a mother who was so wrapped up in her own self that she didn’t have time for her children. She slept all the time because of the numerous pills she was eating.  I cared for her until her death a year ago. I could probably tell you a thing or two about caregiver burnout. 
 I also worked and raised my family.  I know about children with special needs, adolescents with mental disorders, and adults with prescription medication addictions. They have all been a part of my life. My opinion is from a person who has been there. 
I did not call CPS on Rob. I do not butt into other people’s affairs in that manner, but I can see where someone could be concerned.


There is a difference between a “spite call” and a person being honestly concerned.  I stated this last time you were so surprised, as well. 
You update this blog numerous times a day with complaints about your unsafe neighborhood, your drugged-out wife who can’t get out of bed, your inability to keep your utilities on (even though you pay for all the technology needed to run this site and your wife’s site) and your oldest son, who sometimes is a mastermind plotting to destroy you all, and sometimes so sickly he has to be hospitalized. 
These things, among many others make people worry about your kids. That is not spite. That is CONCERN. To an outsider, you and your wife appear to be either diagnosis crazy,  hypochondriacs, or maybe even have a touch of Munchausen’s. 
The constant begging for money is concerning as well. The fundraiser, “Move the Gorski’s” was a couple of years ago….. wasn’t it?