The return of aggression

Out of seemingly nowhere, Emmett has become extremely aggressive once again.  I don’t know if you remember or not but for a long time, Emmett was very, very aggressive.  This was especially the case towards Lizze and Elliott. 

This is quite scary for us because we thought we had put this behind us. 

With that said, we are going to address the behaviors and assume that this is a transitional thing, at least for right now. 

School just started and he’s in the middle of a great deal of change.  Hopefully, we can help him to work through this trying time and get him out the other side. 


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Amy Wentker Fronefield

We had a spike in aggresion recently with the new school year as well, seems to be getting better though with the new routines.

Cheryl Myers Busman

We always see a spike in aggression with changes with routine, and particularly with the beginning of the school year. I hope this spike is short-lived for you and your family. I know how scary and stressful those times can be.


hometeachautism ditto everything you just said 100%


*if* it helps Junior (while “nuero typical” for those not familiar with my family) has been having behavior issues at home – but not at school since it started two weeks ago. So lets go with the transitional thinking?


Same here…great beginning of Sept. Thought we had turn a corner with aggression, only to have him meltdown at the grocery store today in his worst outburst to date.  Pretty sure I can never go back there…Your blog makes me feel less alone:)


I HATE the start of school.  We’ve been having major issues, too.  I am all for year-round school – if only to avoid the start of school year problems.  UGH!


jjean3940 I’m right there with ya.  We’ll be thinking about you guys.  🙂


Jack has been having some issues with the start of school too- or at lest our fingers are crossed on this….