Moving mountains

There has been a rather significant change in plans, as it relates to Gavin and his fragile health. 

For the life of me, I can’t remember if I have shared this yet or not. 

It was decided, after John’s Hopkins reviewed Gavin’s records, that they were not the right place for him to be seen.  They made a recommendation and after conferring with Dr. Moodley of the Cleveland Clinic, it was also agreed that this was the best move. 

This new move is to get Gavin to a specialist at NYU.

This particular specialist is a former colleague of Dr. Moodley.  This actually makes us feel very comfortable because Dr. Moodley is amazing and if he already had a relationship with this doctor, that would have many advantages. 

As of yesterday, the Cleveland Clinic has been in contact with NYU and transferred all records. 

I have to call in a few days to speak with them about our next step.  I still have no idea about the logistics but when it’s one of your children, how can you not move mountains or at least try?


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Dawn Patricolo-Gonzalez

I’m in NJ & if there’s anything you need please let me know….


damnit- and here I was going to offer to cook you guys dinner when you came to Baltimore!!!!  I have no doubt that those mountains’ days are numbered- good luck