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I wanted to have a discussion today about Autism and personal hygiene. We have one child with Autism entering into the teenage years and personal hygiene is something that doesn’t come easy.

Today’s discussion is going to be about helping your child with Autism, develop good personal hygiene.

We can ask or answer questions, trade war stories, tips and tricks, as well as any humorous experiences that we feel comfortable sharing. 

Sometimes we just have to laugh to keep from going crazy.  🙂


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Neesha101 Thank you for sharing.  We share our oldests head because we had the same problem.  Hang in there. 🙂


This has been one of the MOST daunting phases for us. My son is 15, and he has a hard time doing things thoroughly. I taught him how to shampoo, but he’ll only do the outside of his hair and ends up not even touching the scalp, resulting in dandruff. So I have to step in and do that part. Then without prompts, he only brushes one corner of his mouth & is done. He’s a master at spitting since that’s one of his negative behaviors! Wiping and cleaning after using the potty, another problematic issue. He just doesn’t get it, and I still have to go in there and help him wipe/clean, which is not pleasant for either of us. 🙁

Carol Dreyer

Just getting my 15 yr old to brush is difficult and the spitting out, too. I tried socially stories, reward system, and just verbally explaining to him the reason to brush and spit.

Kris Rollins

How do you get your child to spit out toothpaste? Mine is 6, and hasn’t figured it out yet.


Meaghan1985 Dwayne Murphy mkosmicki1 AngelaMcDonough Great feedback everyone. I think the more we talk about this stuff, the more we can help each other. 🙂


Dwayne Murphy Good point. I think this is part of the problem.  I’ve asked, but he says no.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s not worth the argument.

Dwayne Murphy

mkosmicki1 I can only shave twice a week at the most or my skin starts to get irritated.


I didn’t start wearing deodorant until I was sixteen or seventeen — a long time after I should have started. My boyfriend has domesticated me a lot in personal hygiene areas.


We got our son an electric shaver.  He currently shaves about 1x a week…athough he could shave everyday/every other day.  Showering and teeth require reminders unless he’s been working in the yard or garage and is sweaty.  Frequent reminders to use deodorant every day.  We now carry deodorant in our cars just in case….so we don’t die driving while he is stinking us out. 😛  
We also have issues with getting him to change his clothes when we travel.  I’m not sure why.  This is a new thing in the past year or so.  He knows he cannot get away with this at home.
Nail trimming…usually takes a reminder.  He’s pretty good at it though.  He had a bad toenail & foot fungus a few years ago, so he’s a pretty good caretaker of his feet.
Haircuts….as he told me, “I”m not like Sheldon, Mom.  But I get my hair cut on Wednesdays and only Michelle can do it.”  (yes…I am a bad mommy and burst out laughing….so did he.)


lostandtired AngelaMcDonough I did have Codys dad buy him an electric razor for his birthday last yr and that does make the task more easy for him to do on his own Seth my 13 yr old is the 1 who fights me on the teath thing but i have raised for teenage boys so i think this is a common issue with young male teens


AngelaMcDonough Gavin just started shaving. I’m thinking about having him shave every day, even though he doesn’t need to.  He will get into the habit of doing that and it’s really the only way he learns.  
Thankfully, he does well brushing his teeth.


Mine are teenagers so this is a great topic Cody my older one is ocd about germs so i really dont have to worry to much about him he showers 2 times a day we are in the process of teaching him how to shave because he needs to about every 3 days now Our biggest hygene issue with either of my boys is getting them to remeber to brush there teath and not fighting me on it when i tell them to do it