Screw the hate mongers, judgmental people and the bigots

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In just don’t understand why people aren’t accepted for who they are? I’m not talking about mean, cruel or nasty people.  I’m talking people that aren’t accepted because of a disability, color of their skin, sexual preferences, gender, religious or political beliefs or ethnicity.

Screw the hate mongers and bigots.

I believe that we are all created equal, and regardless of our wrappers, we are all amazingly beautiful on the inside. 

Why people don’t see that is really sad. 
I really like the world would be such a better place if we embraced our differences and accepted each other for who they are. 

I’ve always hated when people are discriminated against but I also can’t help but feel sorry for the people that live in a world, so small, that there is no room for anyone that is perceived as different or otherwise imperfect. 

I needed to get that out.  I feel better now.  🙂


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Well said.  (but you sound suspiciously like a Democrat, you know that, right?)  🙂

Julie Dunbar Kellenberger

You know, we all have opinions. Opinions on hate-mongrels is an opinion. And that’s ok. I have my opinions, my morals, etc. But I hate NO ONE!! I love people, and I would stop to help anyone, even those who hated me. Notice, Jesus didn’t assiciate, hang out with, hob-knob with social elites, power-lovers, rich snobs. He just loved people. He showed them a better way, offered healing for their bodies and souls. He LIVED unconditional love. Did He have standards, values, etc.? Yes!!! But He didn’t hate, degrade, or disregard. He loved! ! I try to follow that example. I don’t agree with gay lifestyles. But I love the people. You won’t hear hate coming out of this girl’s mouth.I have my thoughts, ideas, opinions, values. ..and we all do. THAT’S OK. As long as we still do everything with love and respect for our fellow man…Ok, that’s my opinion for the day!