I wish there was a pill for commonsense

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As I’ve shared many times before, I’m not a huge fan of meds, unless they’re needed.  I feel that in the right situation, medications can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

It’s with that said, that I put this out there. 

I wish that there was a pill that could give someone commonsense. I of course, have Gavin in mind with this. 

One of the things that concerns me about Gavin, aside from his health, is his lack of commonsense. Gavin absolutely lacks commonsense and that’s not something we can teach him.

This is one of my biggest concerns when it comes to Gavin’s future independence.

Lacking commonsense is something that I think will dramatically impact his ability live on his own. Maybe I’m wrong, but based on what I experience with him every day, I’m not sure that I am.

I wish there was a pill that could provide Gavin with the things that I can’t teach him but that he needs to survive on his own. 

Can someone live on their own, whilst lacking commonsense?


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MJasonHouck Lost_and_Tired
Success is more a function of consistent common sense than it is of genius.

Jennifer Judson

That’s a good explanation in the above link. A lack of commensense to my daughter is that it’s not literal. So when I learned to ask her in her world view she started gaining independence. She may need to live with a companion or a home with others for safety reasons but she can be independent to what she can do.


tedcoine Lost_and_Tired DITTO, Ted. #commonsense – desperate need for it in every aspect of life. Yo. #People STOP & #Think BEFORE U ACT !


autistagirl Lost_and_Tired Also 40. Can’t tell you how much I rely on my wife: she keeps my life organized.


bjforshaw Lost_and_Tired
I depend on support so that I can live independently! #contradiction Take it away, I’m done. Even at age 40!!


MBee elizabethtaylor202 Well said. I suppose my focus was on the everyday things that Gavin would likely suffer serious injury from if we weren’t constantly monitoring him. That said, many people get along just fine and seemingly lack commonsense. 🙂


I have nothing productive to add, but I do have a smart remark.  “You may be over-valuing common sense.  I see lots of people every day who seem to lack it and they get by just fine.  Except for the part where they drive me nuts.”


Well, no – not entirely. It is a pervasive theme in a lot of the kids I’ve met like Gavin, and our own Dman. They tend to lack the ability to know when something isn’t safe, good, or right. I don’t know if you guys have looked into it, but there are places in most states with Assisted Living Homes for our guys when they’re 18+ it is usually 4-5 like diagnosed people in a nice house with their own bed/bath. Community laundry, meals, television, etc… with 24 hr supervision with rotating  onsite staff that is awake the entire time they’re there. They assist with meds (distribution done on time every time and charted), hygiene (if needed within reason), appointments (transport provided by the home), and even job placement/coaching. Its definitely worth looking into as Gavin ages. 🙂