Just for fun, where in the world are you? :-)

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So, the other day I was looking over my Google Analytics and I realized that I literally have readers in almost every country in the world. That’s so incredibly cool. Check out the picture below. It’s a map of all the countries that my readers reside in. Everything that’s in blue is a home to my readers. There are only about a dozen countries that I have not had a visit from.

Recent World Reach

 I just thought this was really cool and I was excited to see all the recent places that my blog has visited.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to learn where you all are from. You know that I reside in Canton, Ohio. I would love to know what State or Country you call home. We’re like one giant extended family and you know all there is to know about us, we’d love to learn about you.

Check out there fun tools below. One is a live map of the people currently on my site. The other two track people by general location, ie State or Country. When you visit this site and are a first time visitor from your respective location, a new flag will appear. I had this going for a long time and then lost the code, so I had to start my flag collection over tonight.
Flag Counter

Flag Counter

Please take a second and let me know where you’re from. Just leave a quick comment below. I really appreciate it. 🙂


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Hampshire, UK

LaTonya Banks

Lafayette, Indiana


I’m in the Central Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA

Walter Winesberry

Detroit, Mi

Deidre Mitchell

Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)


Lost_and_Tired I am in Nova Scotia, canadaspeech

Shalina J Black

Bullhead City, Arizona

Erika Lowery

Imperial Beach CA, the most south-western city in the continental US.

Judy Brailsford

Brigham City, UT

Carmen Havens

Asheville, NC

Shawn Snowdon

Great Bend, KS

Jean Nicol

Nova Scotia, Canada

Kat Reid

Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, UK

Angela McDonough

Maryland 15 min from gettysburg

Jen Garibaldi

Milwaukee, WI

Iliana Flores

Chicago, IL

Deb Moncrieff

Sunshine coast Queensland Australia.

Tara Safarian


Kris Rollins

Pullman, WA. Home of the Washington State University Cougars!

Ines Colina Edwards

Wind Gap,Pennsylvania

Lost and Tired

Awesome 🙂

Courtney Miller-Olson

Humboldt, KS

Sarah Beach


Angela Martinez Vallejo


Cate Brubaker

Abu Dhabi, UAE!

Heleen Langdon

Houston tx

Kim Bailey

Hunter Valley, Australia 🙂

Ben Forshaw

Hampshire, UK

Ashley Jensen

Bremerton, Washington


Long Island, NY  🙂

Tammy McGann

Massachusetts!!! 🙂


Fort Wayne, Indiana.
While looking at your site I have seen people from China, Malaysia and some African county (I forget which) on your traffic feed.

Denmark 🙂


I was in Pullman, WA till last month, now I am in Portland, OR

Jen Lee

Cairns Australia

Kim McGoldrick

Florida NY

Kim Bailey

Hunter Valley, Australia


Canton, Ohio


Sydney, Australia