Proactive Parenting Tips

Proactive Parenting Tips

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Become a parent is just amazing. Right from the moment, they’re born, you’ll never have felt a love stronger. Raising a child, however, is a different ball game. You’ll have so many learning curves along the way that’ll seem like an impossible journey. But the years fly by, and suddenly your little baby isn’t so little anymore. This is where a bit of proactive parenting is needed. Thinking on your feet to make sure you’re actively making the best decisions for your child, and you’re actively involved in all aspects of their life. Have a read on to find some great proactive parenting techniques.


School is one of the most crucial times in a person’s life. For a child, it’s either the best years of their life or the complete opposite. As a parent, you should always make sure you’re doing everything you can to make sure it’s the best. Getting involved with things at the school such as fundraising shows you’re taking an active role and interest in their school. You could set up entertainment for school or sports fundraising events to help raise money either for the school or charities. You also need to make sure you’re monitoring their progress through school in terms of their grades. If they’re coming home with homework, always make sure you’re sitting down with them to help. The more involvement you’re having with their education, the more you can understand about the troubles they’re going through.

Social Life

Their social life will soon become a big part of their life it is hasn’t already. All of the sudden it will take over a love for school they might have had, and getting out and about with friends becomes a number one priority, If you want to be a proactive parent, you want to try and get the perfect balance of management and freedom here. The last thing you want to do is keep them caged up inside all the time, it’ll only force them to rebel. What you can do though is advise on the friendships they should have, and try and limit the time they spend with friends on a school night. A bad circle of friends can turn an excellently behaved child into one that rebels so easily, so try and manage it if you can.

Personal Problems

No matter how embarrassed or scared you both are to talk about personal problems, the last thing you should be doing is leaving your child on their own to deal with this. From their first relationship break up, to the first signs of puberty, you need to be their guidance and source of advice. The more trust your children have in you, the more open they’re going to be about their problems. If you don’t feel like your child is approaching you, approach them first and ask if everything is ok!

Those are some excellent proactive parenting tips that we think will strengthen the bond between you and your child, as well as make you the best parent you can possibly be.

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