This is why I hate Monday’s

This morning was filled with meltdowns and challenge.

It’s Monday morning and I’m already reminded of why I hate, loath and otherwise despise Monday’s. It’s because everything that can go wrong, does go wrong.

The morning was going so well. However, as soon as I went to help Emmett with his coat, he completely lost it. He refused to wear a coat because he has to hang his coat up in a hanger at school.  Using a hanger is something he struggles with. 

We tried every solution we could think of. We explained that his teacher could help him, he could also just shove his coat into his backpack or Daddy could walk him into school and help him hang his coat up. 

He wasn’t having any of it. 

Lizze tried to help him and she got hit, kicked and screamed at, same as me.  Gavin tried to explain to Emmett that he still struggle with hangers and all Emmett did was scream louder and try to headbutt me.

The only thing that ended up working was when Elliott offered to walk his little brother into his classroom and help him with his coat.  That was the only thing he would agree to. 

I called the school to make sure that they knew what was going on and they agreed to make sure that Elliott was allowed to help Emmett through this. 

While this morning sucked, it ended with brotherly love and I certainly won’t complain about that.  🙂

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So sweet of the older brothers to help.  I especially enjoyed hearing that Gavin tried to help him.  Shows empathy and caring.  It seems that he is the biggest struggle right now and I feel so bad for him so I rejoice even more when I hear these positive things.

Lost and Tired

Well said. 🙂


Maybe now whenever the youngest one starts to have a meltdown you can tell him to work out a solution with his brothers.  Who knows, it might just work!

Joey Caylor Spencer

You have to love that both of them tried to help him work it out. No matter how bad the meltdown I catch myself smiling at my daughter trying to make it easier for her brother.


jjean3940 absolutely. Sweet of Elliott and Gavin both.  🙂


sweet of Gavin right?