The boys are off to school but Gavin’s a bit out of it today

Lizze and I dropped the boys off at school this morning.  Everyone got ready and out the door with little or no issue. Gavin however, is just off today.  He’s not having behavioral issues but he’s just not making a whole lot of sense.

I didn’t capture it in this picture but when the Gavin walked through the door to the school, he let the  door slam in Emmett and Elliott’s face. 

That’s very unusual for Gavin.  Normally, he’s nothing if not polite and always holds the door for those behind him. 

Even one of the teachers came out and opened the door for the E’s and then spoke with us for a minute.  We were both reacting to the very same thing and she said that she would remind Gavin to be aware of his surroundings and those around him.

I’m gonna have to keep an eye on Gavin when he comes home today, just to make sure that he’s okay.  🙁


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Tara Safarian

My son has days like this to!