Is your child with #Autism safe?

I’ve spent the morning thinking about Gavin, as I often find myself doing.  I’m worried about a million different things with him however, I realized that we have a very serious problem when it comes to him that I hadn’t thought about.

As Gavin continues to cognitively regress, it becomes increasingly more obvious that he can’t be left to his own devices.


Here’s my concern.  I’m not even sure what triggered this thought but it’s definitely a concern. 

If Gavin were ever approached by a stranger and asked to either get into their car or go with them, he would very likely do it. 

That’s really, really scary.

We’ve talked to Gavin about this countless times, as we have with Elliott and Emmett.

With Gavin however, I truly don’t think he understands the dangers. I have no idea how to address this issue.  I was wondering what your child would do if presented with the same scenario?

I think this is something that warrants further discussion. 

Let talk about this and share our personal experience and help each other to keep our kids safe.

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Lost and Tired

Nikki Costello exactly. My kids are very trusting.

Nikki Costello

This is an awful thing to say, but more often than not it’s someone they know and already trust who hurts them rather than a stranger, how do you explain to an innocent that no one can fully be trusted?

Carol Dreyer

Very scary thought!

Lost and Tired

How do teach them to trust some people but not others? Again, generalization can make this really tough.

Lost and Tired

Would your child with #Autism get into the car with a stranger?


I’m sorry – I know it is hard.  I have no idea what my son would do either.  He is 8.  Someone had a good suggestion for me once.  Set up a test with someone you know that he does not.  Have them actually tried to get him to do what you would not want him to do in that situation, then you can give him a lesson on it.  Maybe then practice the right way to handle it with the same person.  A realistic acting out may stick better than a lecture.

My Whac-A-Mole Life

It's what keeps me up at night. A fear that never, ever goes away.


Both my kids at NT and i went over and over about strangers and even the specifc senario of a person with a puppy. When they were 12 and 8 I was on the deck and they got off the school bus and they and a group of kids were walking home. there was this older couple who was in thier car really looking for their dog (as I saw her and her husband earlier). They drove into our circle and my both kids walked right up to the car. I flew down the steps, down the driveway yelling at them to get away (sounding out of my mind) and got to the car and nicely remined the older couple not to ask kids anything etc. Then I laid into my kids which was really really rare. They said they didnt remember me saying not to go up to a car that they couple was looking for their dog and I was looking crazy. I said they could have snatched you. they said no they wouldn’t. I said what if they had a gun, they said they would beat them up and take it away. Seriously that is what they said even though I told them not to talk to strangers, not to go up to a car, not to get in a car, if they were being snatched up to try and get away at all cost and run even if they had a gun as it was better for them to be shot running than to get in that car. I did not get through. They knew that their father and I were very cautious, maybe even over concerned for their safety so I knew that I had talked to them about it on at least several occasions. One kid has comman sense and the other doesn’t and both went to the car to hear about the lost puppy. I know it sounds awful but back then I still wanted to put a chip in them so I could at least find them. The reason I am saying all this is that you are having a rational fear, but with his issues or not there is no guarantee what they will do. Good news is that they are always with you or somebody you trust. Just wanted you to have a perspective of NT kids so try to compartmentalize that fear in your “i cant do anything more about it box” I UNDERSTAND THE FEAR COMPLETELY.