#Autism and Angry Birds: A match made in heaven

#Autism and Angry Birds: A match made in heaven

I really don’t need to ask this but,  how many of your little ones love to play Angry Birds? Just about everyone has their hands up.  🙂

My boys love Angry Birds.  They love the plushies,  the video games and now the board game.

Alright,  it’s not really a board game but it’s definitely not a video game either.

This game came with actual parts,  angry birds,  naughty piggies and all the pieces to create your own levels.  Then you get to actually fling your angry birds from the included sling shot/catapult thing and take the pigs out. 

Elliott came home with this from the Hamptons but I’m sure you can find it elsewhere.

This is a really cool way to experience the game.  It also helps with fine motor skills and encourages creativity. 

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Shelley Veysey

From an educator's point of view, Angry Birds has become a fixation for some of the Autistic children we work with. The focus is constant Angry Bird ….. prend slingshot, imaginary birds flying overhead, bumping off people in the hallways (like an AB ricocheted off a wall), laying on the floor and screaming Red Bird aggggh! Learning is minimal while trying to bring them out of Angry Bird world.


My son, Elliott, used to be obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine.  He knew EVERY train’s name, loved lining them up. Now it’s angry birds.  I love it, but I must admit that building the towers and not always getting the birds puts his perfectionism into overdrive.  But such is life for a five year old living with Asperger’s. 🙂


My son loves Angry Birds too. He plays it online, on the nook, and now he has the game you show that he got from my sister. It’s one of his favorite games. He is so good at video games and he’s only 8. I am 39 and I can’t even play them because I get so frustrated and get confused by them. The only thing I can play are facebook games like cityville.
 I am glad that they help him with hand -eye coordination and learning how to read directions. It gives him confidence too because he is not good in school or sports due to balance and fatique issues. It gives him something to feel good about because  he accomplished something and is really good at it.

angry birds original

there are also angry birds puzzles, but definitely this is quite a unique way of bringing the game to real life.


I made a little pig with green playdough yesterday, and was hailed as a hero. It's not as hard as it looks!.


@surlyduck we make them out of stick tac. That way they never dry out 🙂


I have this game. 🙂 For some reason I am not really into it though, not sure why! Glad the boys like it! They make other games as well, such as an angry birds space game etc.


@Chloe123 this actually is angry birds space 🙂

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