I’m out of patience 

I’m out of patience 

There are some days where I simply don’t have the patience needed to be an Autism Dad. We’re all human, myself included and have very real limits to what we can cope with.  

Today was like a constant barrage of challenges to my patience and while I managed in some areas, I failed in many others. 

By dinner time tonight, I was so over the edge that I could feel myself shaking. Between Elliott’s massive meltdowns, Emmett’s bouncing off the walls and Gavin’s compulsive need to tell me everything that’s running though his head, I was out of patience. 

Frankly, I felt on the verge of an anxiety attack for most of the evening.  

Lizze was kind enough to put the boys to bed tonight so I could decompress. I was so stressed out I felt like I was gonna puke. 
I ended up playing a few rounds of Call of Duty before I finally was relaxed enough to stop shaking. The rest of the night went pretty well. Emmett never came downstairs, he just slipped into our bed to fall asleep. 

What’s the point of sharing this? 

I think it’s important that parents realize that we all have our limits. We’re all human and need to remember that it’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to need a break, even for a few minutes.

Taking a break, no matter how much of a pain in the ass it will be to take, is always preferable to losing your temper.  

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