Gavin’s impulsive actions almost got me injured

Before we took the boys to see Dr. Patti’s tonight, I took them outside to collect some colorful leaves. While we were outside, we had an incident with Gavin.

We had finished collecting our leaves and we were gathering under a tree in our backyard, before moving to the car. 

Out of nowhere, Gavin picks up the rock you see in the picture below and tossed it up in the air.  The rock went straight up and straight down, narrowly missing my head. 


He was very clearly not thinking and this may have been a very impulsive action.

This is just one of the reasons we have to watch him closely. Thankfully, no one was hurt…. 🙂

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Robert Wm Ruedisueli

Yes, I used to have big problems with impulse control as well. It isn't too unusual for a person with #Autism to have impulse control as a child, especially if they get the #ADHD that comes with it.

It is unusual for something this dangerous to be done. If I impulsively tossed rocks, I would would make sure the area was clear, and to toss them in a forward arch.

There are two ways I know of to deal with impulse control, and you probably should combine them. First is "substitute behaviour." Make sure he has outlets for those impulsive tendencies. Second is reinforcement. This should be mostly positive, but some negative reinforcement may be needed as well.

The other thing that can help in the long term is to develop hobbies that train his impulse control. This is actually quite easy with Autism, considering the tendency to get wrapped up in things. Things that will result in failure if you don't pay close attention can train the ability to pay attention. However, due to the task disassociation between hobbies and life that occurs with Autism additionally methods, like those mentioned above are needed to encourage the reapplication of these gained skills into real life.

Raynette Jones

that was a miss for sure. I really wish there was a book out there to let you know what a kid without issues would do so you could compare what your kids does compared to the regular badness or worriful actions. at 13 my kids would still light a roman candle firework and instead of holding it out like they learned since they were 3 I caught one looking straight into it. it really could have put his eye out, plus jumping off roof, diving in the 3ft end of the pool, skateboard into traffic from the driveway and they werent disobaying that were being kids not thinking. hope this make sense.


Kids throwing things: I can relate. My son does this all the time. It’s like he has a compulsion he can’t resist to throw whatever it is he has in his hand. We’ve been working on this issue, and so far the results have been minimal at best.