It’s been nonstop

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For starters, I slept terribly last night but felt better this morning anyway. I was able to get a two hour nap this morning and feel even better after that. 

The bulk of my day has been spent running errands.  

I had to run to the bank, take Elliott to the store to exchange a broken Christmas present, hit Rite-Aid to deposit money into PayPal and also get my flu shot. 

On the way home, I finally found a place with a used tire that we desperately needed and was able to get that done while we were out.  

Elliott did really well but began not feeling good while the tire was getting replaced. He’s still not feeling well and is also nauseated now. I’ve got him resting and we’ll have to see how he’s doing in a little bit. I did give him something for the headache and hopefully that will help with everything. 

Upon returning, I sent Lizze to go take a nap and we’ll see her in a little while. 

Lizze and I have to take sleep when and where we can get it. Often times, we have to take turns sleeping and that’s okay because it works for us most of the time. Ideally, we would be able to just sleep at night but it’s hard for her to sleep sometimes because of her pain. I struggle as well because I can’t always shut my brain off. 

Stress plays a huge role in this but we are working on possible solutions in this new year.  

Can any of you relate to our struggles with sleep? Why can’t you sleep? What do you try that’s worked? 

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