Gavin's Schizophrenic hallucinations are back :( -

Gavin’s Schizophrenic hallucinations are back :(

The past two days Gavin has been wanting to spend a great deal more time with his visibly challenged friends.  In fact, it’s the first thing he does when he gets up in the morning and the last thing he does before bed. 

I’m praying that this is something that will pass because he’s completely maxed out on his antipsychotic medication.

It’s only been a couple of days that I’ve noticed this trend but the boys have noticed this as well and are asking to join Gavin in his “imaginary” world’s.  So far we have been like, no way José, but I have no idea of that’s the right thing to do.

All we have right now is instinct and our concern is that this would be very confusing for the two E’s.

I did have to tell Gavin to send his visibly challenged friends home because he had spent quite a bit of time with them already today.

Has there ever been a parenting handbook written that can offer advice on what to when your non-schizophrenic children ask to emerse themselves in their schizophrenic older brother imaginary world’s?

If you happen to come across one, please let me know because while I don’t read many books, I’d make an exception for that.


In the picture above, Gavin, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and someone from My Little Pony, just finished playing cards.  What you see here is what’s left of the fake money they were apparently gambling with. 

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thank good ness for common sense. Our kids are so unique there is always these bizarre situations that come up, and we have to just use our best judgement… I hope this phase he is in passes soon. Poor Gavin. At least his hallucinations are not terrifying or scaring him.

Lauri Khodabandehloo

You are in my prayers for sure, and wish I could tell you my experience but way too long, though I did write about it in Lonely Girl, Gracious God…just be sure and read up on the "side effects" of neuroleptic drugs, as I know first hand how these meds can actually cause the "visibly impaired" folks to appear. My daughter is now close to getting off all meds…she is returning to the very energetic and "classic" young woman with autism. I also wonder if you have gone to the "My Autism Team" site as there are many parents there with all sorts of info about behaviors, meds and everything else to do with autism. It is so comforting to see/interact with those like us who spend our lives trekking this exhausting rocky road of autism…blessings to you and your family, Lauri

Lost and Tired

@Catrina Taylor upliftingfam @Kathy Kohl Buehler @Yajamalu Charity julh @Vicki Hill Riedel @Tara Sparks @jonnyap95522247 @Motley_Su thank you everyone.  I really appreciate it.

Rob Gorski

So sorry Deb. I know how much that hurts.

Leslie Jones

I know that sir I have schizophrenic sir that why said my statment and miss Yajamalu Charity it doesn’t matter if we make friends not because most of us don’t like people to be around a lot unless your in our circle already

Vicki Hill Riedel

There is a difference between schizophrenia and schizoaffective. I think the term you meant to use was ‘psychotic’. I served on the founding committee for the Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation, now called The Balanced Mind Foundation You can find quite a few kids there with either bipolar or schizoaffective as well as ASD. There are a lot of medication combinations; in fact, sometimes smaller doses of two or three meds are more effective than a max dose of a single med. My son is now 25; first diagnosed at age 8 (yes, schizoaffective plus ASD, so I have been down this road) It is a tough road for someone like your son from now to adulthood; however, I can tell you that my son is far more stable at 25 than he was from 8 – 21, so there is hope that things will get better. The best advice for hallucinations is to try to ignore them. My son loved the movie A Beautiful Mind; by the end, John Nash had learned to simply go on about his business. The hallucinations were still there…but in the shadows. They didn’t have to run his life.

Yajamalu Charity

But i hear thats normal for little kids and mostly when they dont have friends to play with. And kids can see more than adults actually. But that will pass if he gets friends to play with, family, brothers. And u can ask and talk to him about it. With the truth.

Lost and Tired

Leslie Jones Thank you for your insight. However, this is a result of Schizoaffective Disorder.

Catrina Taylor


Raynette Jones

no rob, this cant be happening. i have read your whole blog and i have been following along, and this is heartbreaking. at least he is not being dangerous. since he has come off the ativan do you think that might have brought this back or was he doing this on the ativan? hopefully dr patti might have an answer


Lost_and_Tired for a few dollars more..?

Leslie Jones

Can I speak as an adult with a form of aspegber please tell us to send them away makes us feel like you don’t wants us to be who we and don’t wants around instead of telling him to send them away try having everyone play with him and them trust me it makes it easy for us

Tara Sparks

we have “Music Man” he has been quiet for a while now……..hugs and prayer

Kathy Kohl Buehler

My kid with the visibly challenged family tries to get everyone to join her. After about the age of 5 or so, they lose interest in her fantasy, and she becomes very hurt by that. She has tried many antipsychotic drugs, with only limited success. The folks are never far away, Noone has become permanently psychotic by playing with her. Bored, yes, but not damaged. Since your guys are still little, they probably do think that fantasy stuff is fun. Hopefully they are not genetically predisposed to fully embrace the alternate universe,


I wouldn’t see the problem with the E’s playing with Gavin and the crew as long as they clearly understood that they’re imaginary and there’s a mix up in Gavin’s brain that means he can see them and thinks they’re real so that’s why he talks to them. Kind of like the mix up that makes Emmett’s socks and shoes hurt and makes Elliott worry about things

Debbie Hawsman Tomor

Marc has been out of school all this week because of the schitzophrenia and voices!! It's heart breaking! sending many prayers to all of you!!


reality_autism xo Ian’s have been bad lately, too. Sending good thoughts your way

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