Nothing like fighting at 5am

It’s just after 5am and Elliott and Emmett are already going at it.  It’s way, way too early for this and yet both boys are fully awake and bickering.

I have absolutely no idea why they are both getting up so early.

All I know is that it’s already getting old…. I’m so tired… 🙁


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Rob Gorski

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Shawn Snowdon

You are not alone! My twins (one NT, one ASD) get up at 5 a.m every day. This morning Jacob (ASD) is irritable and aggressive and causing all kinds of chaos. ((HUGS from one tired parent to another))

Donna Holland

Sorry deep breathing in thru nose 6 , hold 7, out thru pursed lips 8 : ) while eyes closed focus on rib area


SpiritOfAutism Lost_and_Tired I understand the spectrum offers lots o that. Is it a regular thing or just at times?