Tuesday here I come..

Was up early with Emmett and got Elliott off to school on time. Lizze called Gavin off of school because of his appointments today. We have Dr. R today and then we are off to Akron Children’s Hospital to the cardiologist. After that I have to get Elliott and bring him home. Then it’s off to Dr. Patti tonight for Gavin’s therapy.

So we have several Autism related appointments, 1 cardiac and 1 “other” mental health appointment. They are condensed in to “only” 3 separate appointments.

More to come……

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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it is a lot of appointments and you can only do so much coordinating when there are so many. i just said this probably yesterday and the week before and before that that Cancer drs dont understand that parents have to work. i would rather not work cause i am tired. we cant go to the dr every day etc. yes my son is alive but he still needs to eat and have a roof over his head clothes and some few extras i can afford to occupy him. when you are off work they dont pay you. then you are short on money then there cancer patient has no food or a place to stay. it is like the drs forget. maybe they are thinking this is so horrible and important (which it is) that rent and food comes second and third. sorry it doesnt. if he doesnt have food and somewhere to stay he wont be able to get the cancer or whatever  treatment. it is so frustrating. i hope this doesnt sound bad. of course cancer treatment is first, but i wish they understood that we cant come in for a blood draw every times they turn around because no one is just “giving” us a place to stay or food to eat.