Bribing my kids to keep the peace

We will be down by two kids tonight.  Elliott and Gavin will be spending the night with Lizze’s parents.  They are only taking those two because Emmett hasn’t been staying overnight lately. 

That doesn’t mean that Emmett doesn’t want to go anyways. 

I had to bribe Emmett with a trip to go see Monster University at the dollar movies, before he would be okay with staying home.  We’re also going to camp out in the living room tonight as well. 

Sometimes it’s easier to make things work in such a way that it keeps certain people happy.  Dealing with freak outs and meltdowns is so exhausting.  There are times that I’m so tired that I have been k own to resort to bribery, in order to keep the peace a little while longer. 


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Jessica Robinson


Angela McDonough

we use rewards for everything but now that they are teenagers they have to do alot more to get what they want

Raynette Jones

as soon as i saw the question i was thinking YES it is called POSITIVE ENFORCEMENT. i have always tried to use positive encouragement and have had one of my kids to remind me “hey, we use positive encouragement around here, not yelling” LOL

Kathleen Barney King

Our son’s ot has us using a reward chart with our son to reinforce good behavior. I don’t consider it bribery

Lauri Golonka

Every freakin’ day….

Angela McDonough

Ill tell you what our Autism doc told me It is not bribing if they actually do what you want them to do its called POSITIVE ENFORCEMENT and he says if it works do it

Angie Luna

Sometimes. But mine don’t usually work. My 18 year old, though…He knows exactly what to bribe with to get the younger two to do chores. Sometimes he’s better with them than I am

Alicia Cross

yes all the time

Court Ney

Yep, guilty


Mommy_Jennof3 Lost_and_Tired – No way, I do not negotiate with terrorists.