I took Emmett to the grocery store O_o -

I took Emmett to the grocery store O_o

Grocery shopping is often the only me time that this guy gets.  I love to pop in my earphones and cruise the aisles collecting groceries.

I will also take the boys with me on occasion becaus I want to try and give them so hands on, real life experience. 

Today was one of those days that I was looking forward to going alone.

However, before I could sneak out the door, Emmett decided that he would come with me and “help” with the grocery shopping.  Look, it’s not that I don’t want to hang out with him.  I’m just exhausted and taking him with me will require a great deal more energy than I have. 

It began with him “helping” me create a grocery list and an illustrated one at that. 


Then he decided that he had conditions.

He would only go with me if I promised not to push the cart too fast.  Part of me was thinking I should say that I could push the cart slowly and regain my me time.

However, I couldn’t do that to either Lizze or Emmett. 
In the end, Emmett came with me and did a really good job.  He listened and eventually decided to ride in the cart instead. 

We got everything done and came home without Daddy losing his mind.  I’d like to thank Emmett for keeping me company and for all the help he provided, as we braved Walmart, in search of food. 

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