The main way I’m coping with the stress of being an #Autism parent

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One of the things I’m pushing myself to do right now is manage my stress in more natural ways. My life is so full of stress, there’s times it hard to find room to breathe. What I’m trying to do is make the room for me to breathe and in doing so, give myself a better chance to cope with the things going in in my life.

I always have things to worry about. Gavin’s declining and thinking about where that is going to take us, scared the shit out of me. Emmett is dealing with this fever disorder, nightmares and whatever is causing these tummy aches.

Elliott is an emotional train wreck right now. Autism, extreme anxiety and puberty are not being kind to him.

Lizze is miserable most of the time. She’s in constant pain and while she tries to hide it from everyone, I know it’s there.

For me personally, I’ve been dealing with the asshole who keeps trying to destroy all my hard work on this blog. It’s so frustrating but I’ve decided to let it go and simply say goodbye to Facebook. It makes things much harder as a publisher but it’s less stressful as a human.

One of the ways I’m coping it with increased physical activity. It’s taking some effort but I’m going to drag my ass out to the park and walk the track at least three days a week. As I get back into the habit and my body begins reaping the benefits, I’ll increase the frequency or perhaps the duration.

Either way, I’m pushing myself to go this afternoon, even though I’m completely exhausted from Emmett being up last night, not feeling well.

I figure that even if I don’t break any records right now, the physical act of getting into the car, driving to the park and walking the track will help me get back into a healthier habit.

Walking helps me in countless ways and while it’s harder to drag myself out there right now, I know it’s the right thing to do.. ☺

What do you do to manage stress in your life?

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Becky Wiren

Sounds like you made the best decision for you all for now.

My stress is different as my sons are adults, and one is working. So outside of an unexpected accident or illness, they should live long lives. (What kind of lives may be hard, although one can work.)

For my stress, I do several things. I read lots, online and many, many entertaining escapist books. Online reading and Youtube listening frequently entail science stuff, like physics and astronomy. I listen to a LOT of music, as I was once trained as a professional clarinetist but had too much pain in my jaw. (Seriously, constant bad pain. It’s a little better without playing.) I also play more folk instruments a lot, like the recorder and a Chinese Hulusi flute. Also the melodica which Stephen Colbert’s bandmaster plays.

When I worked and drove to work, I used to sing. I wasn’t up to professional singing and it would’ve hurt to sing high, but I sang a lot in my car. So I don’t sing as much as it hurts the jaw more, but the little instruments I’m playing make me happy. These are simpler to blow into so they don’t aggravate the horrible jaw pain.

I play a lot of Freecell while I’m listening to music. Bob and I are watching several good shows on Netflix and trying not to binge!

Rob Gorski

Thanks for sharing. You’ve got an impressive list of talents.. I’m glad you have healthy ways of coping… ☺

Becky Wiren

I don’t have the labor intensive life you have with three sons with autism. Even my autistic son is pretty high-functioning. And I know you keep trying hard to exercise and watch what you eat. But you’re in the part of your life where your children take the most work (I hope).

Oh, and tell Lizze hi. I’m sorry to hear her fibro isn’t doing well. I feel pretty good with mine for once. OTOH, Henry isn’t feeling so good. Funny how people with the same disabilities (fibromyalgia, autism) can react so differently. And my mild Asperger’s doesn’t cause problems as much as informs me of why I do some things the way I do. If only all of us would be healthy tomorrow! I am thinking of Lizze, Gavin, and my Henry. But still, if only ALL of us could be healthier, mentally and physically. You, me, and all of our loved ones. And the world. <3

Rob Gorski

Thanks Becky. You’re right. It’s weird how people with the same diagnosis can be impacted differently at different times. When it comes to things like fibromyalgia, it’s almost impossible for people who don’t have it, to understand how excruciating it can be.

Lizze has always been hit hard by the fibro. Oddly enough, the only time she has ever been pain free from fibro was when she was pregnant with the boys. She had other major issue but pain wasn’t one of them.

I hope Henry feels better. You are all in our thoughts and prayers as well. I really appreciate all you bring to the conversation Becky… ☺