Struggling with Motivation

Struggling with Motivation

This may sound like a bizarre question but do you ever find yourself struggling with motivation? Depression aside, I find myself struggling with finding the motivation to do some of what needs to be done. 

Let me say this a different way.

As a parent to three boys with Autism, everyday is a struggle, it’s rewarding but a struggle.  I’m usually so completely overwhelmed by all the needs of my kids, that I find it difficult to care about much else.

When I spend so much time and energy on what I consider to be the most important(my kids), I have little left for everything else. 

For example, I tend to let things like the yard work, certain bills, things around the house and even my writing go, because I simply don’t have the energy left to worry about things like this. It’s not that I don’t think these things are important, it’s just that by comparison, they don’t seem to matter as much.

This isn’t about being lazy or irresponsible.  This is more about triaging life and spending what precious little energy is available where it will do the most good.
I was wondering if any of you find yourself feeling the same way?


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Kim Bailey

I only manage 4 hours sleep on a good day, my priorities are: my son gets his meds, is fed, clothed and clean first, then I wash every day 10 to 30 odd towels, (my son showers everytime he toilets and showers in between as well) once the towels are done the rest of the washing is done & folded. I live in a constant mess no matter how much I tidy up 🙁 I fill out his chart of symptoms as they occur throughout the day ie; seizures, vocal & motor tics & repair damage done to the floors & walls & his therapy. If I have any energy left it goes to housework

Raynette Jones

i have a motivation problem for sure. I thought it was my ADD. I am medicated though so that is not it. your blog actually got me to hang a picture up that should have been put up two years ago when we moved in. Seriously i wrote that somewhere on a post and i actually hung the pic. i think we have so much going on in life plus what we have going on in our head it is just hard to choose what to do first. I am going right now to fold the laundry that has been on the couch for a month. thank you for motivating me!

The Autism Bubble

I love the phrase “triaging life”. I do it every day. My priorities are my boys (including my husband), and anything else generally gets prioritised by how urgently it needs to be done because I just don’t have to energy or the inclination. If it’s not urgent, it generally gets put off until it is! 🙂

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