#Autism, Martial Arts and what Elliott wants to be when he grows up -

#Autism, Martial Arts and what Elliott wants to be when he grows up

Surprisingly, Elliott was very much in the mood to take pictures today.  He wore his karate gi at school and is ever so excited to have done so. 

This is spirit week and the kids were supposed to dress up as something they aspire to be when they grow up.  Elliott chose to be a Martial Artist.

When he got to school this morning, Sensei had already laid his gi out. 

Elliott changed and then wore it for the rest of the day.  For those wondering, Martial Arts is part of the curriculum at Summit Academy Schools.  I can’t say enough about this because it has such a positive impact on these kids.

Sensei teaches the kids to push through their obstacles and helps to build self-esteem. They also learn self-control, self-discipline and self-respect.  The kids are taught to respect their parents, family, teachers and friends. 

It’s a really, really constructive outlet for their…..everything.  🙂



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Lost and Tired

@PaulieboyIHOW zombieapocalypsekitten OnyxPanthyr thanks everyone.  🙂


Those are great shots.  🙂


There was a study not to long ago that martial arts Katas were good at reducing stereotyped behaviors.  Even months after ceasing the activity.  
Good luck little one!


Lost_and_Tired absolutely awesome

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