How do you cope with bad news?

How do you cope with bad news?

The Lost and Tired family is no stranger to bad news.  Having said that,  we are far from the only family to have to cope with hearing bad news.  In our case,  the bad news usually centers around Gavin and his health issues.

We had a big screen this week that turned out,  thankfully,  to not be as bad as I had feared.

However,  the impact of thinking the worst,  is not something that just disappeared when I spoke with the doctor this afternoon.  For that last 36 hours,  both my wife and I have been riding an adrenaline rush,  even after we learned the good news.

It got me thinking.  I wonder how other people cope with getting disheartening news about their child‘s health?

Personally,  I don’t drink,  smoke or do drugs.  However,  when I get really stressed out,  as I was this week,  my diet goes out the window. I just don’t care anymore and I lose all will power and want to eat myself into oblivion.

It’s not a healthy way of dealing with life but it’s what I tend to do. 

Sometimes,  I’ll put more time and energy into working out instead. However,  that decision doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should.

The same thing or similar happened with the diagnosis of #Autism with each of my boys.  I’m not proud of handling things like that but I suppose that it could be worse. Right? Right….

How do you folks handle things like hearing bad news about your child‘s health? How do you handle stress in general?

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Oh I'm the exact opposite as you.  I eat when I'm happy.  Everyone knows when I'm upset because I can't eat a thing.  I completely shut down.  Its like my mouth can't chew or swallow and if I try I feel completely nauseous.  When we got the autism news I lost 15 pounds right away.


And I'm not overweight either!  I'm thin as it is… *sigh* so its not the healthiest way, but its not on purpose.  Its just what happens.  I gained that weight back as soon as I started coping better.

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