What is it with my kids reversing their letters and numbers?

Emmett and I were doing his homework tonight and I noticed that he’s reversing his numbers.  It’s not all the time and when I pointed this out to him, he did better. 

He’s only 5 years old but I’ve never seen him do that before.

We’ve known that Elliott does this on occasion and at times will write things as a mirror image. The school is keeping a close eye on him and will be doing so reading dysfunction testing this year. 

Emmett’s still really young and I think that we can rest easy that this is relatively common for his age. 

With that said, I think we should work with him on this and have his teachers kinda watch out for this going forward and make sure that nothings going on. 

Do you see this in your kids?



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Kiboomu Lost_and_Tired All kids do to a certain extent but it is a classic symptom of dyslexia, although at 5 it’s a bit young to say.

Yajamalu Charity

Dislexia. My daughter have that. Is better now

Angela McDonough

Its age appropriate they dont worry about that till after 3rd grade my younger son did it too

Shari DeCarlo

I did this for many years. I’m NT, and left handed.

Julia Hay

Could this be a ticket back to OT for Emmett?

Julia Hay

Rob it’s completely normal for kids Emmetts age to reverse letters

Shelley Blundell Drury

I do this ( love using computers for this reason) I am dyslexic so are all 4 of my children


PASdestroysKids BruceSallan we’ve seen the same thing here as well


BruceSallan Lost_and_Tired My daughter learned to compensate for it at early age and went on 2 be very good student.There were moments tho


BruceSallan Lost_and_Tired 4th grade teacher once said her experience state=nothing ever found, private learning comp=everything is wrong


BruceSallan Lost_and_Tired had mine tested in 6th grade, state doesn’t want to admit anything cuz then they’ll have to pay for help.

Lost and Tired

@GailVazOxlade Trina_Stewart Lost_and_Tired Yes it is. 🙂


GailVazOxlade Lost_and_Tired it’s never ending!


Trina_Stewart Lost_and_Tired It’s always frickin’ sumthin’