My son with #Autism trying to explain a problem he’s having at school

I’ve been talking about this for the last week or so. Gavin’s been having problems in Math class.  He gets frustrated for some reason and we haven’t been able to get him to explain exactly what’s going on. 

We’ve spoken with his teachers and they assure us he’s doing fine.


Having said that, he’s losing behavioral points because of this frustration, so whether or not his teachers say he’s doing fine, clearly something is going on. 

I sat him down after school today and recorded him (with his permission) explaining what happened today in Math class.  While it’s still frustrating trying to talk to him about this, he actually did a pretty good job or explaining himself this time. 

The reason I wanted to share this is because it’s important to understand how cognitive and communication impairment can impact a parents ability to ascertain what’s going on in to their child’s life.  I’m not someone that feels entirely comfortable relying only on his teachers for vital information.  Gavin’s perspective is really important.

This is why we try so hard to figure these things out.

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Walter Winesberry

Why aren't the cognitive issues with autism talked about more.

Todd Heyer

He is getting so big!

Donna Loychik

actually a great job!!

Donna Loychik

God Bless his heart…he did a good job staying with the subject and trying to explain so well!

Malcolm Parker

It might be worth exploring with Gavin exactly what he means by "guess on some of the problems" and whether his interpretation of what his teacher was telling him not to do was as rigid and inflexible as his conversation makes it appear. It's can sometimes be a self-imposed lack of wriggle room that leads to frustration rather than overcoming the technical difficulty of the Math problem. Though the terms Gavin uses make it sound cut and dried, the teachers instruction may have given Gavin the impression that he wasn't allowed to get the question wrong.

Raynette Jones

First of all, he is such a beautiful child! I thought he did good too explaining it. of course you had to get thru the "clutter" to get what he was saying. It seems he got himsself overwhelmed by how much work he thought there was. I think he was frustrated because in his mind he is saying "i know the answer, why cant i just give the answer" when the whole point is to "show the work to get the answer" which is very frustrating having to show work when you know the answer even if you know that the whole point is to "show the work" I still don't like docking points system. I am sorry he cried as well. Tell him he looked great on the video for me. I love the vidoes of your kids.

Brandy Lewis

It does sound a lot like algebra. What level math is he in? Is it possible for him to work wIth a formula sheet?

Ellen Beck

He did very well explaining whats happening. Math is a toughie for so many kids and is frustrating to 'get it'. I am glad he is making progress!