The really, really loaded question

Just got a call from Gavin’s new case manager at Buckeye (Medicaid HMO provider).  They wanted to check in and see how Gavin was doing.  While I really appreciate the concern, that’s a really, really loaded question.

The other reason they called was because they wanted to meet with us face to face.

I set up a meeting at Dr. Patti’s office for next Tuesday.  This way she could help with the boys as well as add her pearls of wisdom to the discussion as needed. 

Hopefully, that will go well and we can further build on our relationship with his insurance carrier.  For better or worse, they will be a part of his life and working together is going to be Gavin’s best shot at life.  I’m happy that they are helping as much as they are.  🙂


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Raynette Jones

that is another reason he needs to keep the "disabled" label. if he wasnt they wouldnt be involved at all. i hope they help and not pull insurance crap. as you can tell with my attitude i have had to deal with insurance for years. i recieved a bill for $500 in the mail that i need to call about tomorrow. i am getting tired of fighting but i wont quit. i called today to try and get my car payment deferred because i lost my job but they wont defer it because i only have 6 payments left. thank God for plan b, but our children would not be able to navigate that, i will be on the phone for at least an hour tomorrow going as far up the ladder as i need to and finally get what i need. what a waste of time but i am going to be good and calm lol