I’m pretty sure that I’m losing my mind

I’m currently in the worst pain I’ve experienced in the better part of a decade and my boys are driving me crazy. While I’m more grateful than words can express that Emmett has found his voice, why couldn’t it have been his inside voice?

Collectively, they are screaming and fighting but Emmett is by far the  loudest and the he has to climb all over me. 

I’m so tired and every time I look away, a little bit more of my sanity sneaks away. I’m pretty sure that I don’t have much left.  🙁


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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Raynette Jones

pain is awful. prayers is all i have for you on this one


Lost and Tired  Sylvatine   I don’t know what it’s like In your state and maybe you’ve already checked into it, but in NY kids with issues such as autism and Dev. delays,  and  would qualify for medicaid service coordination which offers among other services so many hours of respite time.  Your local ARC probably offers respite hours too.   I saw that you couldn’t put on your socks. I hope that changes but this is how I put mine on- http://carex.com/item/FGP22500+0000/Sock-Aid/#.UmHINRDYH4c

Lost and Tired

Sylvatine thanks.  As far as respite goes, we’ve never had respite.  The boys usually spend the night at their Grandparents on the weekend.


So Sorry, Rob!  I have the same back issue and a kid that does not understand!   I know exactly what you’re going through!  Hoping and praying that your back’s in better shape very soon!  Do you guys have respite services?  You really need it!