It’s been a pretty good day for me

I’m struggling with Gavin’s diagnosis and it’s really hard for me to focus in anything else right now. 

That being said,  I did get the kids off to , mostly on time and I walked 3+ miles afterwards.  I had absolutely no desire to walk but those are the days when I truly need to force myself. 

I’m glad I did but it really drained my tank for the rest of the morning/afternoon…. ☺

I feel pretty good that I accomplished that because it makes me feel a tiny bit productive today. . ☺

I take what I can get. . ☺


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  • Susie Redfern

    I can relate. We’re dealing with some of , and another medicine to start to counteract. Things that are fixable and nothing like what you’re dealing with, but constantly on my mind in the meantime.