Elliott’s getting sick

Over the past couple of days, Elliott has developed a really nasty cough.  We’ve even had to break out his rescue inhaler today.  We’ve been told that we need to give him his rescue inhaler when he develops a cough. 

The good news is that besides being a cranky, his lung sounds are really clear and the cough seems to be caused by post nasal drip. 

We are having him take it easy and rest but I think this may be more allergy related than actual illness. 

He’s actually sleeping quite soundly right now and I hope that carries through the night.  With any luck (and some Benadryl) he’ll be feeling better in the morning. 


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Stephanie Roush Roberts

Hopefully it's just allergies or just the change in our lovely Ohio weather. Nice OSU blanket!!


the cold it going around if that what it is. I am tring to keep from getting it as long as possible