Pink elephant in the room -

Pink elephant in the room

Lizze and I had a conversation today about Emmett John that we both have been putting off.

Over the past few months we have been very focused on his hearing and speech issues. We realized we have overlooked some things. Emmett John smells everything, he has started with a few repetitive motions, he doesn't talk (probably hearing related) and throws himself on the floor. He is also hitting himself in the head.

Now these could mean nothing but this is how Gavin started. These are some of the things we missed early on with Gavin. Emmett John is still very engaging and actively seeks out attention which is good. We have been pretty tunnel visioned lately and missed some of these things. His doctor had already requested that he be run through the autism clinic at the children's hospital.

Everyone has decided that we are going to pursue the hearing issue first because that makes the most sense. The other things"could" be normal for his age. Since there is a family history it increases the chances that it could be autism related.

Lost and Tired

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