My kids with #Autism have some unique and even weird interests

My kids are a little weird sometimes and I mean that in the most loving way imaginable. I love my boys but they can have some really weird behaviors and even weirder fascinations. O_o
My boys have some pretty common likes and dislikes. 

They love video games and hate their vegetables. I imagine that they share many of the same likes and dislikes as any other kid, Autism or not.  Sometimes though, I wonder where exactly some of their more unique interests come from. 

One such unique/weird interest is their desire to clean out the couches. 

It’s not like the couches are dirty or in desperate need of cleaning, although sometimes that is the case.  :O

For them, cleaning out the couches is like some kind of adventure or treasure hunt. They have been literally hounding me for the last few days to gut the couches and then vacuum them. 

I was finally able to move around enough today that we were able to attack the couches.  The boys had a really good time.  I suppose that I should be grateful because this is something that really benefits everyone and cleaning the couches is fun instead of work. 

My boys are awesome and I just find it interesting to explore their weird or unique interests.  🙂


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Raynette Jones

that is awesome. it is what we call weird nt or not what their "weird interest are. as you know both my kids are nt and when little we would go to the farm league baseball games (i was in sales and got free tickets yeah!). we were always the last ones to leave because we had to go up and down every bleacher to scavange what people left behind, a program or sunglasses. it was hilarious. i mentioned to lizzie me and my oldest son have a thing about office supplies and office supply stores and we dont no the reason lol, my sick kid plays world of warcraft professionaly (he is that great) and he is (being conservative) one of the top 100 out of millions of people that play, i cant stand video game playing or hearing about it. it is like nails on a chalkboard. also my oldest is a concrete management engineer (whatever that is) and when he talks concrete again it is like nails on a chalkboard (but i love both of them so much i dont care what they say i am just glad they talk to me lol) also my sick kid (and this started before he was sick) is a hoarder lol. for real. he has a double closet and i had to tell him once it is full, which it is, he cant keep anything else, if he gets something new something has to go. one more thing, my oldest kid especially, thanks me as a mother that i didnt make them turn the lights/tv or whatever off when they left the room. i didnt care. I was always paying unbelievably less than $100 a month in electricity and could afford it. my thing is you know how you have to tell them a 1000 times to turn the lights off, well that was 1000 times my kids didnt have to hear me bitching at them about something. but the funny part is when they have a friend over and they say like "oh we need to turn this off before we go" and i get to hear my kids say "nah dont worry about it my mom is weird and doesnt make us do that LOL LOL LOL. I dont care if anyone thinks that is funny but it makes me laugh out loud!!!! thanks Rob for a place that I could come to today and have a laugh. I am telling you man, you may not feel like you are doing something sometimes, i wish you could imagine how much that laugh I needed. if you didnt have your blog i would not have written that down, i would not have remembered it and would not have had a "tears in your eyes laughing so hard" laugh.