Does your child with #Autism have a pet? -

Does your child with #Autism have a pet?

We discovered a long time ago how positively our kids respond to having animals around.  Today, I thought I would introduce Emmett’s animal companions.  Many of you already know them but in case you don’t……..

This is Bella and Blue. 

Bella is a 2 year old, female Boxer.  We got her when she was very young and really tiny.  Bella is one of the best things to happen to Emmett because she’s brought him out of his shell. When he picked her out, they immediately bonded and he became willing to do things, he wouldn’t have otherwise because Bella needed him. 

Blue is his kitten that we rescued last year because we were getting more mice in the house.  Our house is really old and during the winter, we tend to get more mice.  Blue is pretty unique because he was basically born feral but took quite well to Emmett. 

When Emmett is upset or having a meltdown, Blue and Bella will come running over to him and try to provide him with comfort. 

In truth, this can sometimes work better than anything Lizze or I could do. 

The other really cool thing is that Blue and Bella are really good friends as well.  They play together and even snuggle together for naps during the day. 

In the picture below, Bella and Blue are both tuckered out from playing with Bella’s toy.  They’ll probably sleep until Emmett get home from school in a little while. 

When I look back on everything that has gone on over the past two years, I’m very comfortable saying that much of Emmett’s progress has been due to his working with his animal friends.  Our pets become members of our family and while it can be challenging, seeing the positive impact they have on our three boys with Autism, makes it entirely worth it. 


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Carolyn Delas- Pasquarella

Mine has a guinea pig named Cookie but the novelty has worn off so he’s more like my pet now ;(

Raynette Jones

my kid is not autistic but he will tell anyone that God and his dog saved him after cancer treatment. i hear him in there now loving on him it makes me feel good to hear it. just got back from the vet and i dont ever leave him for vet check or bath and i tell them “nothing can happen to this dog he is very important for real”. if i get overwhelmed worrying about the kids i will turn it to the dog, is he losing weight, is he walking funny, is he sleeping to much, does the poop look ok. it is rediculus but we love him

Yajamalu Charity

Good. They like drawing and music… Mostly music in some. It helps them a lot. It did to mines, one with music and the other with drawings and puzzles

Yajamalu Charity

Not any more..

Lost and Tired

That’s cool

Cindy Harrell

We have 2 dogs and they are both his best friends! We also have a cat and she is toloerable.

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