How do your kids use their tablet?

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There are tons of tablets available on the market.  The use of tablets with children with #Autism is growing.  Whether you use an Android tablet or an ipad,  I would love to hear how you utilize your tablet….


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I actually use it for my video streaming, e-book reading and most of the time for my gaming. For a child, they should use it for educational purposes and more often in browsing and downloading educational apps to help them. It should be like a handy book for them.


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We have recently gotten a tablet for our 9 year old son who is on the spectrum as well. Mostly right now it is for entertainment, however I plan to incorporate his daily schedule on it. My son needs to have a routine and to deviate from that routine is scary for him. Scheduling things helps him to see that these appointments or tasks or coming up and then he can prepare for the transition. He also has an app that shows how he is feeling. He can press a feeling and get a face that shows that feeling.